When the hurricane hit the Umbra Isles, it sent a shockwave into the spirit world. The dead are coming back to life, the wolves are returning.


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    Caeles, The Old One.

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    OOC Name:

    Name: Caeles- Meaning 'God, or Celestial'.

    Nickname: The Old One, Tripod.

    Age: 10 Years

    Gender: Male

    Pronouns: He, Him.

    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.

    Species: Tundra Wolf

    Date Of Birth: November, 9th, 2006

    Weight: 110 lbs.

    Height: 2.8 Ft. At the shoulder.

    Length: 54 Inches. Or about 4.5 ft. Long.


    Overall Personality:
    The Alpha Male and leader of the Phasma "Ghost" Pack. He has no mate, and is a strong, wise, and revered leader that is respected greatly by neighboring packs. Many younger wolves come to him for guidance, and his role as the Alpha is often shadowed by his role as an all-knowing elder. Caeles is very depressed, though his leadership has gone well. He is a lonely old wolf, and wished once to mate and have his own pups- however, he was neutered while in captivity at the beginning of his life, and cannot produce offspring. Instead, he serves as a spiritual leader- his nephew being the physical one. He aspires to be the best Uncle he can to his Nephew's pups, and adores all younglings that spend time with him. As a result, he will wander into the friendly villages to be showered in gifts and attention from the human ones, to fill the empty hole in his heart where his own should have been a long time ago.

    Fears: Being held captive, dying alone.

    Dislikes: Mistreatment of children, pups, or wolves of any kind, disrespect, rudeness.


    Physical description:
    His fur is a soft gradient of white to light, thick brown and black in places, drizzles of grey spreading through his thick coat. His muzzle is greying as well, though it's due to age, however most of the silver strands are caught in the braids and beads the island's human children weave his hair into. Growing older, he's lost most of the muscle mass accumulated in his youth, so his pelt hangs loosely off his significantly skinny, but fit body- save for his missing back leg. Caeles' eyes are a dark, earthy brown. Heterochromia has struck one through with a light blue quarter. They are long and narrow, angled in toward his long, feminine muzzle.
    Multiple scars and burns riddle his neck and body, though his face has remained mostly untouched. His fur refuses to grow back where those scars remain, so they are easily visible through the patches in his coat.



    The Mother was a young, overcrowded wolf-dog named Chthua, born and raised as a puppy mill breeding dog. She was one of the dogs nobody wanted. The solution? Cram her in a cage and force her to churn out litter after litter. She did not know her parents too well, nor did she care to remember the old dogs that she replaced. They were but a mere memory. For as long as she could physically recall, it had simply been just herself, the hands that fed her, and the litters that came and went with the moon.

    She never knew any other animals but her pups. There was no natural breeding- just the syringes from donors she hadn't known would likely be related to her in some way. However, it was her fourth litter of the cold year a decade ago, that Caeles was born. Caeles was a different puppy from the start. Born without a left hind leg, he was never adopted or bought and left to rot in a cage beneath his mother, stuffed in with a smaller dog breed named Raina, with whom he was distantly related. To keep him from producing offspring, he was neutered illegally by one of the Mill hands and put up for auction online by the name of 'Tripod'.

    At the time he was bought, he had spent a full two years in that cage. He was nearly three years old, and his owner- Christopher, the technical owner of the Umbra Isles -set him loose as one of the only wolves on the island of Lupus. With no natural skills, he nearly died out in the wilds, but he managed to make it when he limped into town tangled in fishing line to be helped by the people there. They fed him, washed his coat, and revered him- unknowing of his less-than-pure lineage. Referring to him as 'The Old One.'


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