When the hurricane hit the Umbra Isles, it sent a shockwave into the spirit world. The dead are coming back to life, the wolves are returning.


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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules

    Post by Caeles on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:46 pm

    [center]Character rules:

    Characters must be at least six months old to live without parents. They become playable at 2 months old.

    A limit of only unrealistic colored eyes.

    No rainbow pelts

    No magical powers

    Albino/Melanism/Xanthochromism/Erythrism /Gigantism/Dwarfism Are only obtainable through events or through adopting a character with that defect. (Players may not create adoptables with these defects, only pups born with these defects or adoptables made/approved by admins.)

    Pelt color and eye color must be listed under the breed you’ve chosen

    No herbal treatment (you may have a doctor wolf, but the herbs the use won’t help the healing process.)

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