When the hurricane hit the Umbra Isles, it sent a shockwave into the spirit world. The dead are coming back to life, the wolves are returning.


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    Battling- Chances, And Subcategories


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    Battling- Chances, And Subcategories

    Post by Caeles on Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:06 pm

    Battling Categories:

    • General fight

      Territory battle (To take land)

      Dominance-only fight– Scratches and scrapes, no risks of infection (Does not need moderation)


    Moderate damage – Chance of scratches and scrapes for victor, small scars for the loser. Small risk of infection for loser.

    Severe damage – Moderate chance of infection for loser, permanent damage, scars, tears etc.

    Permanent/Maim – Broken bones, high risk of infection, missing body parts, large scars, chance of death without consent for loser. Scars, missing bodyparts moderate chance of infection for victor.

    (Damage depends on score)

    (Larger wolf height + weight) - (smaller wolf height + weight) ÷ 10


    Powerplay: If you don’t power play you can gain 1-10 points (+1-10)

    Coherence: Does it make sense? Rated on a scale of 1-30 (+1-30)

    Originality: Any cool new tactics? Rated on a scale of 1-20 (+1-20)

    Dodging: Did you dodge too many attacks? Not enough? Rated on a scale of 1-20 (+1-20)

    Hits taken in battle only determine the location of wounds not the severity.

    Hits will last up to a week, before healing up.

    Although they can last longer if you want depending on your score they must last at least a certain amount of posts

    Permanent damage lasts until your character dies and so do scars.

    Your character may sustain damage without a fight if your plot calls for it and if ooc you have decided the winner the fight doesn’t have to be moderated.

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