When the hurricane hit the Umbra Isles, it sent a shockwave into the spirit world. The dead are coming back to life, the wolves are returning.


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    Claiming Territory

    Post by Caeles on Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:09 pm

    Claiming land:

    Pack wolves may join any thread on their territory no matter if it’s private, open or closed as long as it’s an active thread.

    Rogues may lay claim on territory but only half of a section of land. (There will be threads within territory created by admins such as: Drained lake, open plain ect. if you are a rogue you may claim half. If it’s an odd number take the lower number such as 2 of 5 and you may claim two places there.)

    You must make at least one post a week on your territory(Unless you are out of thread slots and someone hasn’t replied in at least three days or you have an absence note.). There must be at least two threads (Made by anyone.) If these requirements are not met it can be taken without a fight

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